We want to seek God’s presence. We will pray for what God puts on our heart. We will give thanks for all God has done and is doing. Prayers for our City and its leaders, our churches and leaders/programs, NBUC initiatives, people that have submitted prayer requests, events happening in our community. Including prayers of thanksgiving to God.

Who Will Participate

Anyone and everyone that wants to pray.

We Hope to Connect

With other churches & community groups within Brampton to participate together with us.

Our Goal

At least 168 people to each take 1 hour in the week to dedicate to prayer

God Leads Us

Celebrate where God takes us with the 24-7 Prayer initiative

24-7 Prayer Vigils

What’s our objective with 24/7 prayer?

For now – generate momentum, by having have trial 24 hr vigils that will build up to us having 24/7/365 prayer at NBUC – actual site for prayer where we gather – is mobile and can go to sites that need prayer

Submit a prayer
Looking to where God leads us

What will it cost?

While prayer costs nothing the space to gather in prayer would have a cost associated with it. Through exploration over the next few months we will get a better understanding of the physical needs we will have and the costs associated.

24/7/365 Prayer: Launching September 30th

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