Aiming to Follow Jesus includes six videos that map out six markers, including spiritual practices, serving, giving, and sharing, that can deepen a Christian life. Based on the book by Jamie Holtom and Debbie Johnson.

In 2015, our ministers, Jamie Holtom and Debbie Johnson, wrote the book “Bullseye: Aiming to Follow Jesus” (I don’t know if we should put in ISBN information here? Bullseye grew out of the experiences of the North Bramalea community and examines 6 markers that we believe help support our growth as followers of Jesus.

This very practical book and its companion Participant’s Guide, gives readers who are seeking to intentionally engage in consistent practices that grow and deepen this relationship. This book is for both individuals and church leaders alike. For more information https://www.ucrdstore.ca/media/upload/file/9781551342252_sample.pdf. Books can be purchased through North Bramalea, or with UCRD or on Amazon.