Thank you for considering a financial gift to NBUC

Our church is committed to the vision that with our help, God is building better lives, better families a better Brampton and beyond! and we want to align ourselves with what God is doing.

There are many convenient ways to financially support the NBUC community. Each method enables North Bramalea to provide you with an annual charitable donation receipt that you can use to reduce your taxes when you file your income tax return.

What is the best way for me to give?

The most effective way to give is through PAR (pre-authorized remittance). PAR is an automatic debit from your bank account where 100% of your donation goes to NBUC.

Why is PAR the best way to give to NBUC?

    • 100% of your donation goes directly to North Bramalea
    • you decide annually the monthly gift that you would like to make, and you can change it if your circumstances change
    • your gift counts even on the Sundays you aren’t able to attend worship
    • the church is able to plan ahead for our ministries


Are there other ways for me to give?

Yes, in addition to PAR, donations can be made using the following donation options:

Cash or Cheque

Guest envelopes are available beside the offering boxes. Personalized envelopes can be requested for the year in advance through the NBUC office.

TEXT to Give 204-400-6428

EMAIL money and use the password: iamblessed

Legacy Bequest

A bequest is a gift made through your will. This kind of gift is a commitment to the ministry of your church that reaches beyond your own life and into the future. There are significant tax benefits that accrue to your estate through bequests, lowering tax liabilities and leaving more of your estate intact for your heirs. The United Church employs a Planned Giving coordinator who can explain all the options. For more information and to be put in touch with our Planning Giving expert in BC, contact our bookkeeper, Heather Burdett for more information. – donate here

If you give to NBUC through the site, your charitable receipt will come directly from for the full amount of your donation. is a non-profit organization. 1.8% of your donation ensures can continue to provide charities with affordable access to online fundraising and educational tools. Like all online transactions, online charitable gifts are subject to 3.5% transaction processing fees from credit card companies.

What percentage of my gift goes to North Bramalea United Church?

Donation Method

    • PAR – 100%
    • Cash or Cheque – 100%
    • Legacy Bequest – 100%
    • – 94.7%