Sr. Youth

Wednesday nights the youth group meets from 6:30 to 9.00.  Most Wednesday nights the youth group takes part in a program called Intersect which is focused on providing a safe space for teens to build connections to God, to adult mentors, and to each other.

The night starts with a time to hang out in the youth room, playing ping pong or video games, catching up on each other’s week, and grabbing a snack from the Candy Counter. We then have some games which get everyone moving and having fun. Then we go to the lower worship hall for a talk where our Youth Ministry Lead, or a guest uses humor, media and creative speaking to help the youth learn more about God and how faith impacts their everyday lives.

The highlight of the evening is small group, where youth get a chance to connect with an adult leader and a few other kids their age to talk about their week, discuss the teaching and pray and care for each other.

Toronto Conference Fall Youth Retreat, September 21-23rd.  Register here.