NBUC & Young Adults

We are in the process of changing and growing! We have been working diligently to be effective in our ministry to young adults – or Generation:Next group at NBUC. We don’t have everything figured out yet and we need your help to create the environment that will have meaning for those that are leaving high school to those that may be getting married and starting a family.

We now have online small groups, monthly gatherings and special events, which are creating an opportunity to have young adults connecting and forming community. This helps to offer support for one another in meaningful ways to reached out into Brampton and beyond.

The Young Adult leadership team meets weekly to plan events and find ways to support young adults in all the stages of life they find themselves in! So whether you are 19 or 35, single or parenting, the young adults community at North Bramalea welcomes you!

NBUC Young Adults Facebook Page