Becoming a Part of the North Bramalea Community

North Bramalea welcomes everyone who wants to connect with God and to follow the Way of Jesus. You don’t have to be a “member” to be part of the church. If you want formal membership, it can happen in one of two ways; baptism or confirmation.

Now and then people who have a formal membership in a different church decide to make North Bramalea their church home. We receive new members about twice a year, after an orientation to the church.

Contact the church office at


We offer baptism for babies, as well as for children or adults.

For babies, the baptism preparation course at NBUC orientates parents to the job God has for them from the moment they welcome a new life into their family. It outlines the resources that faith and participation in the church can offer in the hard times. And it prepares them for the moment when the church welcomes the baby through baptism. To register, e-mail the church office at or speak to one of our Ministers.

For adults, we offer a course called The Way, which introduces people to the Christian life, as well as orientation to baptism and membership. Contact Jamie Holtom at


Confirmation Camp is NBUC’s way of providing a course for teens who have been baptized but who want to make their own profession of faith. Camp meets for a full morning for a week, following the end of the school year. It provides youth with a way of experiencing different aspects of Christian discipleship. Contact: Donna Gileno at