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Vision Summit: Can You Imagine?!
Nov 4 – Nov 25

CAN YOU IMAGINE: Join us as we envision what God has in store for our church -  Looking at the possibilities of GROWTH in our church for the future and the ways God has been preparing us for that. This series also gives us the opportunity to dig deeper into Ephesians 4:1-16 where we lift up some of the golden nuggets in this passage such as spiritual gifts, equipping the saints (leadership) and the maturing/building up/growing of Christ’s body (the Church).

Vision Summit: Embracing Change
Oct 21 & Oct 27

EMBRACING CHANGE:  Join us as we spend 2 weeks sharing the exciting things that God has done over the last 23 years. How we've grown as a community welcoming more families to the good news of Christ! There has been massive changes both within and outside our church. Change is all around us & we are at a crossroads. What excitement is happening in your life as a result of change? What does change look like around NBUC?

What We Believe Worship SeriesWhat We Believe: And It’s Ok If You Don’t Yet!
Sept 9 – Oct 14

Summary: This is a series focused on our core beliefs which gives people a sense of who we are at NBUC.  We are striving for a deepening commitment to what we believe is most important when it comes to our beliefs around the Christian life and faith.  We will show/highlight how these beliefs impact our behaviour and how we live it out. We are blessed at NBUC with a unique expression of the Church and this is a great opportunity to enter into it in a very real and deep way.

Summer of Love!  July 8th - August 26th

Summary:  Our God is a God of love.  Indeed, God IS love.  From the formation of the universe and all of creation, through to the end of time we see God’s love.  Through it all we often forget God’s love, fail to understand it or fail to act on it, and yet out of our failures and with God’s mercy we rise again only to fail, rise and repeat the cycle over and over again.  And in the process, like the best loving parent, God remains close enough to teach, guide, embrace, encourage, rebuke and forgive us, and yet far enough removed to give us the freedom to learn and grow so that we might come to fully know for ourselves the power of love. 

August 26 - Summer of Love - Love: There is Nothing Greater

August 19 - Summer of Love - Loving When it Hurts: Sacrifice

August 12 - Summer of Love - Loving Yourself is Hard To Do

August 5 - Summer of Love - Love Your Enemies:  Seriously?

July 29 - Summer of Love - Love One Another: Deep Friendship

July 22 - Summer of Love - Love God: How Do I Do That?

July 15 - Summer of Love - Loving Our Neighbours: A Compassionate Heart

July 8  - Summer of Love - God Loves Us!

July 1, 2018  - Celebrate Diversity - Canada Day!

June 24, 2018  - Keeping It Real: When I Wonder What's Next

June 17, 2018  - Keeping It Real: When I Need Encouragement

June 10, 2018  - Keeping It Real: When I Need Comfort

June 3, 2018  - Keeping it Real: When I Feel Angry

May 27, 2018  - Keeping it Real: When I Feel God Doesn't Care

May 20, 2018  - Keeping it Real: When My Soul Longs for God

May 13 - Knowing Jesus - Known By the Holy Spirit

May 6  - Knowing Jesus - Known in Waiting

April 29  - Knowing Jesus - Known By Making God Known

April 22 -  Knowing Jesus - Known in Second Chances

April 15 - Knowing Jesus - Known in Doubt

April 8 - Knowing Jesus - Known in the Breaking of Bread

April 1 - Knowing Jesus - Knowing Jesus in Resurrection

March 25 -  Letting Go….Bitterness

March 18 -  Letting Go…Anger

March 11 -  Letting Go…SHAME

March 4  -   Letting Go…FEAR 

February 25 - Room at the Table

February 18 - Gender Power

February 11 - Good Sex

February 4 - Hope for Mental Health

January 28 - Acting on our Awakening

January 21 - Awakening to God's Purpose

January 14 - Stories of Awakening

January 7 - Awakening to God

December 31 - A look back and a look forward - A New Year Hope

December 24 - What Child is This? - Joseph

December 17 - What Child is This? - Thirsty

December 10 - What Child is This? - Wise

December 3 - What Child is This? - Awake

November 26 - Celebration Sunday

Daring Faith Update meeting!

Sunday, November 19 - Rich in Christ

Sunday, November 12 - Overcoming Debt

Sunday, November 5 - Choosing Contentment

Sunday, October 29 - Blessed to be a Blessing

Sunday, October 22 - A God Who Provides

Sunday, September 10 - Spiritual Practices

Sunday, September 17 - Worship Together Weekly

Sunday. September 24 - Authentic Community

Sunday. October 1 - Serving

Sunday, October 8 - Giving Generously

Sunday, October 15 - Sharing Christ

Summer of Hope - September 3 - Stories of Hope

Summer of Hope - August 27 - Never Separate

Summer of Hope - August 20 - A God Who is For Us

Summer of Hope - August 13 - The Hope of Redemption

Summer of Hope - August 6 - Meets Us IN Our Weakness

Summer of Hope - July 30 - New Creation

Summer of Hope - July 23 - Children of God

Summer of Hope - July 16 - Freedom in Christ

Hot Topics - July 9 - A Story of Hope from Jamie and Katrina (Carnival Sunday)

Hot Topics - July 2 - Are First Nations challenges really a National crisis?

Hot Topics - June 25 - How to stop worrying about money?

Hot Topics - June 18 - Will our kids really turn out ok?

Hot Topics - June 11 - What about the people that are hard to love?

Hot Topics - June 4 - Where is God in the cancer journey?

Spirit Filled Living - May 28 - A Community Filled with the Spirit

Spirit Filled Living - May 21 - Empowered by the Spirit

Spirit Filled Living - May 14 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Spirit Filled Living - May 7 - Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Spirit Filled Living - April 30 - What does the Holy Spirit do? NEW!

Spirit Filled Living - April 23 - Who is the Holy Spirit?

I AM - I am the Resurrection and the Life - April 16, 2017 - Easter Sunday

I AM - I Am the Good Shepherd - April 14, 2017 - Good Friday

I AM - I Am the True Vine - April 9, 2017

I AM - I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life - April 2, 2017

I AM - I am the Gate - March 26, 2017

I AM - I Am the Light - March 19, 2017

I AM - I Am the Bread of Life - March 12, 2017

I AM - I Am - March 5, 2017

Better Together - Mentoring 101 - February 26, 2017

Better Together - Family First - February 19, 2017

Better Togerther - Friends Forever - February 12, 2017

Better Together - Build a Team - February 5, 2017

Daring Faith Update Meeting! - January 31, 2017