In times of crisis, we know that our faith community is often the first place people turn to for support, particularly if the emergency has widespread health implications. Yet the very nature of being a community adds an increased level of risk if the emergency involves the spread of a respiratory (droplet) infection. This is a quickly changing environment and we need to look out for one another.

We have been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and, following advice from Health Canada and the United Church of Canada, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our congregations, staff team, and event attendees as safe as possible.

General precautions now in place
These are some of the steps we are now taking more widely to help prevent the spread of infection:

Services and Events

  • If you are anxious about coming to church, please remember you can still attend via our online service offering.
    You can Watch a Live Stream Sundays at 9am & 11am here
  • A change in the way we take up offering. We will begin this Sunday a system where ushers will be at the back of the sanctuary at the end of the service and if you wish to donate you can drop your offering in the basket on your way out. This will limit the amount of handling of the baskets.
  • We are closely monitoring updates from Health Canada and Peel Public Health in relation to our services and events and will be regularly updating a new web page which will be up before Sunday with the latest around NBUC
  • We are doing all we can to provide handwashing facilities and hand sanitization across all our sites, services and events.
  • We are being hyper-vigilant in the preparation and handling of food.
  • We are asking all team and volunteers, who are feeling unwell, to stay away from serving until fully recovered.
  • If you feel unwell and develop a fever, please stay away from the church and get in touch with your doctor, or if you choose to go to the hospital, please call in advance and ask for guidance.
  • When you arrive at church, please thoroughly wash or sanitize your hands.
  • We would ask that greeting when you are on the property be a bump of elbows or just a friendly hi rather than hugs or handshakes
  • To help prevent the spread of infection, please follow general best practices as outlined by Health Canada.

Travel advice

  • If you have recently returned from abroad including the United States, or are planning travel, please ensure that you are following all Health Canada advice.
  • Please DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH if you are sick or in a period of self, or mandated isolation.

Please note, we will continue to inform you via email blast, and Facebook as the situation changes.

In the meantime, we will continue as usual and look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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Please note, we will continue to inform you via email blast, and Facebook as the situation changes.