What a couple of days it has been!

Never thought we would be putting images like these together but here we are. Jamie said in a note last week around Sunday service being moved to online-only that we are in unprecedented times…man is he ever right!

NBUC Response:

First off, I want to say thank you to an entire team of people that did whatever it took to ensure online services at 9 and 11 yesterday! Worship was great, camera work was great and Jamie and Katrina did a wonderful job…it was a blessing. Besides that, we actually had hundreds more than normal connect to our services than normal!

In some ways, today is a continuation of what we celebrated yesterday. We now are in a position where we have to come up with extraordinary measures to meet the needs of our people and extend our reach out to others as well – in a different way.

As of today, our facility is shut down as encouraged by our government leaders… but Christ’s work will continue!

Small groups will connect with each other via phone, online access, text – whatever it takes.

Pastoral/Congregational care will still take place – while staff are at home and we will grow our communication to everyone.

Ministry and Sunday mornings will still happen and people will still be blessed.

Reaching out beyond our walls will still happen with online marketing, daily FB live, tools to help you grow in faith

People will still have access to food when they need it.

The resourcing of God’s work through NBUC is taking a hit right now but we know that people will step up to the challenge and give on return and electronically.

We are in this together!

Acts 4:31-33 While they were praying, the place where they were meeting trembled and shook. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God’s Word with fearless confidence. The whole congregation of believers was united as one—one heart, one mind! They didn’t even claim ownership of their own possessions. No one said, “That’s mine; you can’t have it.” They shared everything. The apostles gave powerful witness to the resurrection of the Master Jesus, and grace was on all of them.



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Please note, we will continue to inform you via email blast, and Facebook as the situation changes.