Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pleading with Canadians to follow public health guidelines on COVID-19, warning that stiff enforcement measures could be imposed if people don’t stop engaging in behaviour that puts lives at risk.

In an announcement just a little bit ago, our Premier order the closure of all non-essential business in Ontario.

At the same time, he also said that students across the province will not be returning to school on April 6, as the province first hoped.

Where is God in this?

Announcements like this bring a series of emotions – panic, sadness, anxiety. One of the questions you may have is what is posted above…where is God in all of this?

I find it amazing that just today – before any announcements happened – Jamie and Katrina spoke to this question!

Basically – like was stated in the Facebook live video, God doesn’t cause this, doesn’t want things like this to happen but most importantly, God is with us to walk alongside us as these events occur! God is with us…sounds like a message we hear a lot about at Christmas.

In the middle of all of this, there are some thoughts for today – we can:

  1. Only control our actions and reactions – we have the choice to honour our leaders, thank them for doing what they feel is best for us as a province and country and assist our essential workers by staying home!
  2. Honour our emergency services workers, grocery and pharmacy workers and others with unsung hero cards
  3. Continue to connect with our friends and neighbours with phone calls, emails, texts, etc.
  4. Check-in with seniors you know of to see if they need anything – and help them get it!
  5. Not fear! I have been using the 2 Timothy 1:7 but there are 355 more options – do some digging and find one that speaks to you!

As a church, we continue to respond to this challenge. Today, we discussed ways to connect better with people that have prayer requests, are struggling in the middle of this with practical needs, a different way to present our Sunday morning services just to name a few. We will be getting this information out as quickly as we can in the coming days.

I will end this note with a prayer for us all:

Lord, in this time of uncertainty, thank you for being with us every moment of every day, for giving us the strength to get through!

I pray for your peace to be with us, your joy to abound, your love to conquer all fear. I pray that each person will continue to work with our leaders and look out for one another as well and I pray that out of all the blessings you have given us, we can and will bless others.

Help us most of all to leave tomorrow’s challenges until they are known to us. In your precious name, Amen.


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