Here’s the latest from the authorities:

  • The Prime Minister has announced funding of $2B for made in Canada protective medical equipment and testing
  • Prime Minister Ford has announced that Ontario public schools closed until at least May 4th, introduced online learning opportunities and has extended the state of emergency in Ontario for another 2 weeks
  • The City of Brampton has closed all offices and facilities including the libraries.

What’s happening now?

Well, it has been a full day! While the staff were having discussions on Good Friday and Easter Sunday services, recording of services coming up and timing of all of it, there were lots of announcements and cancellations in our world.

Psalm 34:4 says, “God met me more than halfway, He freed me from my anxious fears.”
Anyone feeling anxious? Fearful? Wondering what is happening in the world? What will happen to me?

I love the book of Psalms! It was written I believe to show us that there have been people that have gone through the ups and downs, just like we have and we are! You will feel the anxiousness of the writer, the fear that they held in the moment as they cried out to God…then there is a moment – a decision to change the way they looked at whatever situation they were in to hand over everything to God and choose to allow Him to help them. They chose to worship, to honour, to love God!

In the last week, I have talked to dozens of people that have started out being anxious and fearful but after some reflection, some reading of the Bible, and prayer, things changed! The circumstances didn’t change but they partnered with God to change their perspective! In this same week, we have held two online prayer meetings, small groups happened, staff meetings happened, ministry happened, and we had our best online service ever!

God is with us! God is encouraging us! God is meeting us more than halfway – God is calling to us all!

If you are asking any of the questions listed above, I would encourage you to read some passages in the book of Psalms, spend just a couple of minutes being honest with God in how you are feeling – preferably out loud. I know you will be amazed at how your heart and mind will change!


Reach out to others and be the blessing to those that you are connected with and share the blessing that you received from Christ with them.

We are blessed!


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